Gold SIP


‘A way for your dream to come true.’


‘Rome was not built in a day’, goes the popular adage, which holds lessons for us even today. If a mighty empire could be built up gradually, with careful planning, so can your wealth. It doesn’t matter how much you invest. What matters is that you start investing early in life, and invest regularly, with a plan. Like many busy investors, you may find it difficult to study the fundamentals of the companies you want to invest in, check market volatility, etc. What do you do then? In such cases, consider the systematic investment plans offered by mutual fund houses.

Systematic Investment Plans

A systematic investment plan (SIP) enables you to invest a fixed amount at predetermined intervals, like every month or every quarter, in a mutual fund scheme, in return for which you receive units at the prevailing NAV.

Benefits of SIP

Invest as per your savings habit :-

Choosing your magnitude of investment, which could be as little as Rs 5000 per month gives you the flexibility to tailor your SIP investments to your savings ability.

Ride market volatility :-

Irrespective of the NAV of the scheme you are investing in, you invest a fixed amount at each rest. In fact, when the NAV is high, you purchase fewer units than you do when the NAV is low. As a result, your investment strategy is not hampered by market volatility.

Rupee cost averaging :-

With SIPs you automatically benefit from the principle of Rupee Cost Averaging. Put simply, using the SIP method of investing, the average cost per unit to you will be lower than the average of the market NAVs prevailing on the dates of your purchase, irrespective of whether the market is rising or falling.

Convenience :-

This is a very convenient way of investing. You have to just submit cheques along with the filled up enrolment form. The mutual fund will deposit the cheques on the requested date and credit the units to one’s account and will send the confirmation for the same.

Are SIPs for me?

Yes. In today’s busy world, time is one of your biggest constraints. SIPs are exactly what you need to help you cope with investing in volatile markets, as it eliminates the need to invest time and effort in studying market trends.

Moreover, this technique offers you the blueprint to enter equity in a gradual way and build your wealth Penny by penny.

As salaries professionals, SIP is a recommended investment method for long time results, without much affecting your monthly income.

Why invest in Ashtavinayak?

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BENEFITS OF GOLD SIP PRODUCT with Ashtavinayak Investments.

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a) Low Average Cost of Buying.

b) 3 Years Investment Plan.

c) Quarterly Statement provided to the clients.

d) 10 + 2 Lucrative Scheme.

How does it works?

a) Minimum Investment :- Rs.3000 per month.

b) Tenure :- 3 years

c) 10 + 2 scheme :- Every year the customer has to pay 10 EMI’s and the 2 EMI’s will be paid by Ashtavinayak Investment.

d) E.g. :- You start the SIP plan with Rs.5000 for tenure of 3 years.
So Rs.5000*36 months = Rs.180000
In this Rs.5000*6 months would be paid by Ashtavinayak Investment = Rs.30000.
You just have to pay in TOTAL :- Rs180000 – Rs.30000 = Rs.150000
After the tenure of 36 months, the gold will be available in ornament form and it
would be 22 carat gold!