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Investments services

A wide variety of tailor-made, financial products with appropriate Risk and Reward ratio. Helping people build up regular savings habit and. Technology-based, prompt and personalized service, right at the Customers’ doorsteps.Ashtavinayak provides numerous innovative investment service that are profitable to the clients in long run. Ashtavinayak Investment is the authorized channel partner of is on verge of opening Gold store which will have different facets for the clients to make their investments. Various attractive Gold SIP’s scheme are available which enable the clients as well prospective clients to make their investments in more prudent way.

Training and Development

Ashtavinayak recently opened its Ashtavinayak Training academy where it trains people in the area of stock market and capital markets. It provides a wholesome, practical, enjoyable, user-friendly and effective training on capital market. Investment & equity research in the stock market.

Financial Alliance Partners/Business Partners

Ashtavinayak Group is always in a lookout for attractive business opportunities which are viable as well as in line with the vision and mission of Ashtavinyak group.Ashtavinayak group is one of the main investor of a leading girls Hostel-Pune, which has chain of 10 hostel across Pune.Ashtavinayak Group has also invested in chain of one of leading eye care store in pune.

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