" Ashtavinayak Investment client since 2009 oct has been a rewading journey for me from not only on monetary growth but the personal interaction with SELVA has allowed me to broaden my horizon about investment and invest in different asset class looking forward to for rewarding fruitful growth to come with Ashtavinayak Investmnet. "

Mr. Ritesh Saboo

(Manager Tech Mahindra)

" I started with a personal investment of 25000 in the year 2009 and despite of entering the market right in the aftermath of lehman crisi I stuck with my investment to grow and invest in 5 different product and found the personal informal approach of it’s founder SELVA KUMAR NADAR quite refreshing and faith that in the long term Ashtavinayak Investmnet will take care of my my investment and lifestyle needs the I would have been able to do on my own wish and all the best for their DUBAI office. "

Mr. Jeevan Jadhav

(Optometrist Titan eye + Pune)

" Having started with no knowledge of capital markets being a client of ashtavinayak investment has taken me one step closer to having my own Dream house by the year 2014 and sure with the right guidance of Ashtavinayak I shall reach the goal which would have not been possible with my own salary for sure. "

Mr. Alfred Anthony

(F&B Manager,PVR)

" I was approached by one of the managers of Ashtavinayak. Initially I was very skeptical to be associated with ashtavinayak. But after seeing the clients testimonials of Ashtavinayak decided to be associated with Ashtavinayak for past 6 months.I had a good experience in terms of customer service.And last but not the least,Profits,for which I invested the amount.Planning for some bigger investments in near future.All-in-all pretty happy with the services. "

Amit Jain

Agro Business (grains and fertilizers) Proprietor

" I was introduced to ashtavinayak by my friend. Initially I could not believe on the scheme they were coming up. Later made up mind and did the first move with them and then started seeing the profit and it was amazing. Now I have started sip with a nominal amount and I hope it’s going to be a huge profit. They have many different schemes and plans which suit your budget .should give a try. "

Rahul Choudhari

Senior Oracle Engineer,Atos

" I was introduced to Ashtavinayak by my college campus during my summer internship. Got good knowledge about share market.They assured me good percent of returns on my investment. "

Nikhil Shah

M.B.A student and a Budding Investor

" I would like to take the opportunity to say that the quality of knowledge offered by Ashtavinayak Investments has been tremendously useful and impressive.. The experience and knowledge given to us by Mr.Selva Kumar Nadar Sir, Mr. Gaurav Jain and Mr. Maggie Fernando are remarkably interesting and profitable to gain knowledge on financial markets... As an intern, Ashtavinayak investments have helped me a lot to flourish in my financial market study and to gain confidence to interact with the outside consumer and business world. After spending 2 months with the firm, I've developed an amicable faith to invest. I've invested in SIP for 3 year tenure with complete trust and believe in secured g returns. "

Akanksha Dilip Ahiwale

M.B.A student and a Budding Investor

" Joining Ashtavinayak was really a learning experience; a complete positive change took on my thinking and perception that I had about the capital market and about the various investments opportunity. Learning with responsibility was another aspect where confidence to communicate with a stranger grew, when an unknown was to be explained about the investment and make him/her a client. The three amazing people of A.I has imparted their knowledge with optimum quality and examples and guided to understand where lies the opportunity of growth of an individual and as an entity.It was a great thing having Mr. Selva Nadar, Gaurav Jain and Maggie Fernando as a mentor for both the summers as well as a people who has directed a new way to see the life through, because money is not the everything, what keeps everything moving is the way the relationship is kept, and that's what A.I has always kept intact with them along with these clients, leading A.I to grow day by day. Today am also a client to A.I with a nominal investment into SIP. "

Binu v. Joseph

M.B.A student and a Budding Investor

" I started with Simple Investment and always found SELVA Straight forward and simple in understanding the various risk reward associated with stock market investment having taken a exit at 2011 with my impending marriage I only cherish the energy and goodwill that Ashtavinyak Investment has in my eyes. "

Mr. Sandesh Shinde

(Sales Head in Reliance Rcom)

" I get really good Service. On time delivery. Good place for investing your surplus money as well as your saving. "


Reliance fresh as commercial executive

" Good Service.On time delivery.Collection of Cheque on time. Selva Nadar has a Good communication record with me. "

Uday Masekar

Business Owner

" I do not know anything about share market. I just handover the money to the company as they will give me good benefit as assured. "

Vijay Gita

CEO, Dreamworks.

" I m the client of Ashtavinayak since past 3 years. Their service is very good, firm and flexible. The company has a good growth. The investments that I make are in the safe hands. There is safety assurance to investment in Ashtavinayak investment. "

Vinayak Mane

Business Owner