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Trade Jaguar

Trade Jaguar

An investment product in equity market

Ashtavinayak is known for its innovative financial solution.Ashtavinayak goes very aptly with its tagline Better Ideas, Better Investment.Ashtavinayak investment came up with a product named “Trade Jaguar” which invest money in equity market for a tenure of 12 months.

Trade Jaquar is categorized into 2 types, Mini Jaguar and Trade Jaguar.
  • Mini Jaguar is a 1 year product, with the ticket size of Rs.50, 000.
  • Trade Jaguar is a investment product for 10 months, with the ticket size of 1 lac and more.

Both the products are Investment in Equity products which are done after considerable research done by Ashtavinayak Investment. The Internal Rate of Return i.e.I.R.R. provided by Ashtavinayak Investment for Mini Jaguar is 14-18 % p.a, while the Internal Rate of Return of Trade Jaguar is 17-25 %p.a.Though Trade Jaguar is 10 months product, Ashtavinayak may exit from the market any time before 10 months if the position of the market is favourable. This is completely based on Ashtavinayak’s discretionary powers.


  • Benefits from Market Inefficiencies.
  • Taking positional calls across equity and derivatives product
  • Quarterly Statement
  • Firm Charges 35% profit gain on Maturity Supernormal Profit at Watermark Level
  • Quick Roll Out

The most positive part about investing with Ashtavinayak is Ashtavinayak charges 35% on the profit gained on Maturity, while in case for Supernormal Profit, it charges 50% The best part to invest in Ashtavinayak is that Ashtavinayak does not charge on principle amount but only on profits gained.

The enrollment for Jaguar is quite simple and easy, it only requires your identity proof, address proof, a passport size photograph and last but not the least, your ticket amount.

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The snapshot of the trade Jaguar is given below:-